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The most desired NFT project in 2022… Silks

Silks is a groundbreaking derivative gaming platform that will offer an exciting play-to-earn (P2E) experience for horse racing enthusiasts. Through the use of a virtual world, Silks will allow users to own, develop and interact with a variety of digital in-game NFT assets including Silks horses, avatars, land, and stables, all while monetizing their in-game exploits.

Importantly, Silks differentiates itself from other metaverse platforms by paralleling real-world events. This is accomplished by using real-world data pertaining to a horse’s lineage, training progress, and racing results to ensure that the digital horses within Silks’ world directly correspond to real thoroughbreds.

Other exciting projects…


Photorealistic NFTs with compelling use case

Pionauts is a collection of 8,500 photorealistic NFTs that feature unique takes on historical figures. The development team behind Pionauts aims to recreate these historical figures using artificial intelligence to provide a lifelike representation. The Pionauts collection features 85 famous faces, including Shakespeare, Van Gogh, and Charles Darwin.

Meta Mansions

Metaverse-based NFT project with great potential

Meta Mansions is an upcoming NFT project that will allow people to own ‘virtual mansions’ within a pre-built metaverse. The concept behind Meta Mansions has already generated massive hype on social media, with nearly 30,000 people following the project’s official Twitter account. A total of 8,888 mansions will be available to purchase, all of which will be minted on March 18th.

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