Access Wishu’s latest guides to maximise your understanding of Insurance, development of case studies, pricing guides for creatives and detailed understanding IR35 and how it affects creative projects. 

[PDF] A Guide To Insurance For Creative Freelancers

This guide outlines the most common risks that creative freelancers face, including, Intellectual property infringement, Defamation, Refusal of payment, Big little mistakes. This guide also covers what creative freelancers need in regard to covers to help ameliorate the consequences of that risk including: Professional indemnity insurance; Media liability insurance; Public liability insurance; and Business contents insurance.

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[PDF] The Guide To Developing Effective Portfolio Case Studies

This guide is based on developing effective portfolio case studies for creative professionals. Get guidance on how to build SEO maximised portfolio posts. 

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[PDF] The 2021/22 Creative Freelancer Rates Guide

Setting rates as a freelancer is not an easy task. It’s really something that causes creatives to experience quite a lot of headaches. This guide focuses on the latest collected findings from the Wishu community and Bectu to provide you with a price guide for creative freelancers working on creative and commercial projects.

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[PDF] IR35 Guide For Creative Companies & Agencies

Changes to the IR35 Tax Legislation have taken into place starting the 6th April 2021 and if you work with creative freelancers, or are a creative freelancer, they may impact you. This guide focuses on providing essential information on how IR35 affects creative companies, agencies and production companies when hiring creative freelancers for creative projects. Including what is classified as inside IR35 and outside of IR35, how to get a status determination, how to review and appeal the status of the project, and more information.

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[PDF] The Guide To Applying To Creative Jobs

This guide focuses on providing creative freelancers with essential information on how to apply to creative positions either via Wishu Creative Job Board or other platforms. Including how to script messages to clients to win them over.

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