Larissa De Jesús Negrón Wants to Produce “Absurd” and “Uneasy” Work

Based in New York, the art style of Larissa is what some might define as neo-surreal. In the same way that the original wave of surrealist arms wanted to unease the spectator via themes such as masterbation and introspection, Larissa’s work hypnotic depictions of naked female bodies, distressed faces and eerie bathroom scenes are all a way for her to accept, overcome and represent her personal experience with trauma. 

Raised in Puerto Rico, Larissa moved to New York aged 19 to study for a BFA at Hunter College. Ever since, Larissa has developed a multidisciplinary practise; she has tried her hand at mediums as diverse as filmmaking, photography, graphic design and oil painting. Come 2020, Larissa started to infuse airbrushing into her practise and has now become a distinctive feature of her work. 

The Latina artist cites Frida Kahlo, Ivan Tovar, Salvador Dali, Louise Bourgeois and Jimmy De Sana, as inspiration. Queer Spanish film director Pedro Almodovar also comes to mind as an artist who explores feminine sexuality and empowerment through a variety of images, colours and symbols. A recurring theme throughout Larissa’s work is water and reflection; a vessel she uses as a way to explore identity often in fat glistening droplets and sometimes in murky baths, wide-open seas or large mirrors.  



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