For 20 years Leeds City Council has run ‘Breeze’ offering activities, events and discounts to under 19 year-olds across the city. 

Now launching its first membership app, Breeze is teaming up with Leeds based branding agency Kiss Branding for a new identity that reflects the diverse audience of toddlers, kids and teens as well as parents and tourists in the city.

The new and contemporary campaign features bold colours mainly bright fuschia pink and cobalt blue accompanied by bold typography and illustration. 

“We landed on the concept of ‘Freedom’s a Breeze’ as a core brand idea,” says Poonam Saini, creative director at Kiss. “Breeze makes finding activities and discounts in Leeds ‘easy breezy’ so it was important that our new brand embodies this sense of simplicity and contentment.

[…] The swooping logo and typography, playful yet refined colour palette along with contemporary, inclusive illustrations come together to create a brand worthy of the Breeze offering – a world away from the typical ‘town council’ identity they had previously.”

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