Katy Perry takes over Snoop Dogg’s Spot for Just Eat

Katy Perry has taken on the challenge of replacing Snoop Dogg as the face and voice of Just Eat.

The new spot was led by long-serving agency McCann London and directed by Dave Meyers (who also directed the iconic music video for Perry’s ‘Firework’). In the spot, viewers see Perry’s home imagined as a fantastical supersized doll’s house. Throughout the ad there’s a spectacular range of elaborate costumes, a piano-playing puppet and food for all occasions.

From a creative perspective, Katy Perry has spoken about how “Coincidentally, most of my records and eras have had food undertones to them, from strawberries, to peppermints, to now mushrooms […]

Ordering takeaway is a regular Saturday night for me, so it was fun to channel that into a video that is a combination of the things that bring joy to my life: poppy bright colours, wild outfits and food puns sung over a catchy tune.”

Just Eat V-P global brand Susan O’Brien says: “Did somebody say (with) Snoop Dogg put the brand firmly on the cultural map, anchored the message that Just Eat is the answer to all food cravings, and connected us with audiences, building brand love and consideration in a fiercely competitive sector.

“While we’re launching with a blockbuster TVC, this is a global creative brand platform running across 18 markets in 20 languages, and underpinned by a comprehensive through-the-line activation strategy. We’ve moved from two legacy organisations, operating independently to one unified business, and for the first time, we’re presenting ourselves on a world stage in the same joyful expression.”

The ad is a true wave of nostalgia seeing Perry revert back to the style of her California Girl’s era by means of 50s dresses and hairstyles, true Pin Up Girl aesthetics and pop colours that marry well with an array of food. 

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