Jessica Madavo: Self-Portraits and Afro Hair at its Finest

Madavo is a London-based photographer whose work has featured in The Perfect Magazine, Indie Magazine, Twin Magazine, Dazed, i-D, HERO, Boys by Girls, the Huffington Post and more.

Copyright © 2017 Jessica Madavo

Madavo’s work is self-reflective and confidence inducing. A scroll through her Self Portraits sparks inspiration to love our bodies, claim our identities and shout it from the mountain tops in a strong, powerful and never preachy fashion – a difficult line to balance on but Madavo succeeds. The series uses VHS pop art effects, Facetime/Photo Booth-like angles and reflections in water capturing the different ways we look at ourselves. 

Copyright © 2017 Jessica Madavo

Madavo has also completed a series of photos focusing on Afro hair in its free, natural state. The portraits are grainy and display muted colours allowing the viewer to focus on the women photographed who are minimally made up and neutrally expressed yet strikingly gaze into the viewer’s perspective. 

Copyright © 2017 Jessica Madavo

Madavo’s work is diverse in its focus from natural hair to fashion to distorted perspectives and captures of everyday moments. We can’t wait to see where her ventures take her next.

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