Jellysmack, a startup that helps creators monetize their content, has laid off 13 employees in the US and plans to cut more staff in France.

The company is restructuring because short-form video apps like TikTok have become more popular, which has affected the advertising ecosystem for creators.

Major platforms are now focusing more on short videos, and this presents challenges for creators, platforms, and the digital media industry as a whole. Jellysmack originally helped creators repurpose YouTube videos on other platforms, but now it offers various services for creators, including funding, content-creation tools, and distribution strategies.

The company plans to focus on technologies like AI editing and self-serve features to speed up content production. They also offer financial products, merchandise lines, and other services.

The layoffs are part of a strategy to streamline teams and position the business for long-term success. Jellysmack has worked with high-profile creators and made investments and acquisitions in recent months to diversify its business.

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