It’s Sofa Sittin’ Good! KFC Masks as IKEA In PR Stunt


It’s Sofa Sittin’ Good! KFC Masks as IKEA In PR Stunt

13 August 2021

The masquerade marks the fast food chain’s new restaurant opening in Majorca. 

KFC and subversion have gone hand in hand recently with the pandemic seeing the brand adopt other iconic brand slogans as Covid rendered its Finger Lickin’ Good tagline inappropriate.

The new restaurant is situated in Majorca’s shopping mall Polígono de Son Malferit, known by the locals as ‘where IKEA is’. 

Madrid-based agency PS21 developed the campaign which involves a giant billboard that cleverly combines KFC’s initials with a bootlegged version of Ikea’s characteristic typography and blue and yellow brand colours.

The campaign’s success on Twitter also saw Ikea’s social team also using the opportunity to promote its iconic meatballs dish.


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