Channel 4 is busy building up the anticipation for the Paralympics following the most unconventional Olympics ever. 

The British TV channel using eye-catching colours to subvert society’s attitudes towards disabilities, one we all learn in the early stages of childhood– that it’s rude to stare. 

The subversion of the phrase motivates to indeed stare at the Paralympians because they deserve to be seen and supported. 

The posters are in line with this year’s ‘Superhuman’ campaign, which plays on the premise that to be a Paralympian, there’s got to be something wrong with you.

“We spotted an opportunity to present Paralympians in a way they hadn’t been shown before – by pointing a camera at the realities of their lives and, as with any elite athlete, the sacrifices they make in pursuit of greatness,” explained Lynsey Atkin, 4Creative’s exec creative director, on capturing the blood, sweat, sacrifices and dedication it takes.

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