Is Instagram changing how its users want them to be with the new Instagram algorithm and focus on video to compete with TikTok?

I’ve been a fan of Instagram since its founding. Seeing how the app evolved over time made me concerned about its future.

I asked myself the following questions: Do the OG Instagram users like how the app is transitioning to video? Why mess with something that is working? Are images on our feeds on their way out?

I’ve spent the last few days speaking with friends, family, and Instagram users who have been using the app since its inception (the old logo days). I wasn’t really surprised to learn that the majority (I’d say 90 percent) of them think Instagram has turned into an app that irritates them. The irritation ranges from:

  • Constant app lag – this is an issue that I believe all Instagram users face on a regular basis. I’ve never seen Twitter or TikTok have so many problems with their app. For the past few months, I’ve had numerous issues with my friends’ stories not loading or, if they did load, they would appear constantly on repeat with the same exact stories. Or messaging, oh messaging, messaging is the worst (constant problems with image sendings and adding text on videos). Have you ever sent a video to a friend and added text to it, only to have your friend bemoan the fact that the video was blank and text was removed? It actually used to piss me off.
  • Constant algorithm changes – constant algorithm changes cause severe imbalances and uncertainty about what to upload, particularly troubling the app’s creators. I think Instagram should invest more time in educating users (particularly those who rely on Instagram for business) months before any algorithm changes are implemented. People are not always able to adapt this quickly. The current Instagram algorithm does not display what I was once interested in seeing.
  • Shift from image not video – I have to say, it’s amazing how quickly most creators and businesses adapt to Instagram changes, especially by incorporating more video content into their marketing. However, keep in mind that people joined Instagram for the curated feel of images/portfolios, not for the videos. Consider this: I recently spoke with a few of my graphic designer, illustrator, and photographer friends. They’ve been using Instagram for about 8 years, both for personal and business purposes. When TikTok became popular, they didn’t see how the app could be useful for their marketing efforts because the majority of them are either deeply introverted or simply don’t want to focus on video content (which is why they never signed up for TikTok). They have no idea how to adapt now that the app they use is transitioning from images to videos. The majority are simply accepting the fact that they must abandon Instagram because it has evolved into a channel that no longer works for them. How many professionals will have inactive accounts when the app completely transforms into a TikTok clone?It should be interesting to watch and see.

Instagram does not discuss the current lack of activity from users

A lot of the people on Reddit and Twitter have long conversations on how Instagram became a graveyard. One Reddit user posted “I feel like all I see on Instagram is old TikTok’s and Reddit posts.”

They’re not wrong; I believe the majority of people see Instagram as a clone of all other different social media apps. It’s fascinating to think that the app was once something that other social media apps copied. Think about this:

  • The filters are a low budget Snapchat clone.
  • Reels are a low budget TikTok cline (nearly all the Reels I see are just old TikTok’s).
  • The upcoming feature of Instagram Notes, is just a pure copy of Twitter Notes announcement.

I agree with the majority of users in that I’m not sure what the app is for anymore. It’s doing so many things wrong. WHAT BECOME OF THE PHOTO SHARING APP?

Thank you for listening to my rant on this. What are your opinions?

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