Interesting Ideas For What To Post on YouTube

If you are struggling to come up with new, engaging, and creative YouTube video ideas, I don’t blame you. But not to worry, you’re not alone! Being a content creator has a lot of perks, but it can be hard to come up with new ideas on a regular basis. Especially ones that your audience will love and engage with.

First things first, I will say that if you’re feeling super burnt out, under the weather or incredibly uninspired, it’s more than okay to take a break. This can be for 24 hours or a whole week. Your audience won’t forget all about you for 5 days and it might be good to clear your head. I tend to take a week’s break every three months just to reset and rest before a new season begins. As long as you’re consistent the rest of the time, that’s what counts. 

In the meantime, let us run through a few ideas that could get your creative juices flowing again. 

Behind the Scenes

If you’re an artist, musician, or photographer, why not shoot a video that showcases your creative process? Show your viewers how you create art, compose music or take photos.

Studio Tour

It can be an interesting look into where people spend their working day and what tools they use to get their job done. So, take a camera around your workspace and show off your studio, office, or workroom to viewers.

Product Review (within your niche)

Did the latest iPhone just drop? Or maybe there’s a swimsuit line you’ve been dying to try out. Take the time to film an in-depth review of the product. If you’re a musician, review a new microphone, a beauty vlogger could try the latest L’Oreal foundation etc. 

Product Tutorial

Along the same lines, you could create a tutorial to explain how they can use the piece of technology or software you’re reviewing. Show them step-by-step instructions on how to set it up and configure it properly. Include helpful tips and tricks that make using the product easier.

A Travel Vlog

If you recently went on an exciting trip – for pleasure or work – why not share your experience with the world? Create a travel vlog that takes viewers along for the journey. Showcase iconic sights, delicious cuisine, and any unique activities you participated in.

Showcase an Extra Skill

Are you good at drawing, playing an instrument, dancing, singing, or something else? Showcase your talents and make videos about them! It’s not only a great way to show off what you can do but also be inspiring to others who are learning the same skill.

Challenge yourself to do something within a certain time frame

This YouTube video idea is great for giving viewers a crash course on a specific topic. It’s also fun and entertaining to watch as they get to see whether or not you can pull off the challenge. You can try building a website in an hour or baking a cake in 30 minutes.

Finance Behind the Business

Are you an expert when it comes to budgeting? Share your best tips in a YouTube video and help others learn how to save money.

Mental Health Awareness

Stress and anxiety can affect everyone, so share some tips on managing them. Talk about relaxation techniques, healthy hobbies, and other strategies that work for you.

Timelapse Videos

Show the process of creating art, writing a book, building furniture, and more by making a time-lapse video! This is also a great way to demo any DIY projects you’re working on.

Share Inspiring Stories

Share inspiring stories of people who have achieved great things to motivate and inspire your viewers. You can also profile entrepreneurs in your industry or people in your community doing amazing work.


Sustainability is key to a better future, so offer easy tips and tricks for living sustainably. Showcase ways to reduce energy consumption, recycle resources, or reuse materials.

Use Your Platform to Showcase an Important Cause

Take the opportunity to educate viewers on a cause you’re passionate about. Whether animal rights, environmental sustainability, or social justice, use your platform to share meaningful stories and raise awareness for issues that matter most to you.

Announce a New Event

If you’re a business or brand, share any new initiatives you’re taking on, or announce upcoming events. This could be a virtual get-together, a charity drive, or a fundraiser.

Share Business Advice

For experts in small business or entrepreneurship, share helpful advice for getting started. Provide tips on what to consider when deciding which type of business to start, how to research and market a new venture, and any other applicable info.

Create an Online Course

Are you an expert in something? If so, why not teach others what you know? Create a series of YouTube videos that cover different topics related to your area of expertise, such as photography, cooking, or coding. This can be a great way to create an additional income stream.

Introduce Yourself

If your online persona has been rather mysterious and craft-focused only up until now, you could start showing your personality. An introductory video is a great YouTube video idea for beginners. Introduce yourself and explain what kind of videos you’ll be creating in the future. This will give your viewers some context for what they can expect.

React to Another YouTube Video

Do you love a certain YouTube channel and want to add to their thoughts? Respond to their video with your own. It’s a great way to get into the YouTube community and build relationships.

Give Advice on How You Built Your Channel

Are you a YouTube expert? Share your knowledge by giving advice on how to become successful on YouTube. This YouTube video idea is great for YouTube veterans.

Make a List Video

Curate videos with lists to captivate viewers and boost engagement on YouTube. Whether text-based or visual content, the list format is a surefire way to rapidly rise in viewership.

Use ChatGPT or a Video Idea Generator

Not sure what to create? Don’t worry. There are YouTube video idea generators out there that can help you find some inspiration. Simply enter a few keywords, and the YouTube Video Idea Generator will give you fresh ideas for your channel.

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