Each algorithm in Instagram serves the same purpose: to keep users engaged for as long as possible. Here’s a breakdown of how each algorithm works:

  • Stories: This algorithm determines the Stories that users are likely to watch by considering various signals. Factors like interaction frequency with a specific user’s Stories and messaging play a role in the selection process.
  • Feed: The Feed algorithm showcases top content from followed accounts and suggests additional posts using predictive algorithms. It takes into account the likelihood of user engagement with a post, profile taps, and time spent on a post.
  • Reels: The Reels algorithm predicts the Reels that users are most likely to watch or engage with. It considers signals such as Reels watch history, creator information, and similarities in content.
  • Explore: The Explore algorithm displays popular topics based on users’ interests and their interactions with similar posts.

These algorithms work together to personalize the Instagram experience for users. 

The key takeaway is that while none of this is groundbreaking, it’s crucial to treat each format as a distinct platform. As we mentioned, it’s complicated.

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