Instagram’s end of year recap is here

It’s almost that time of year again – the Instagram yearly recap. Quelle Surprise, the platform will be delivering its 2022 Recap in Reels form with narration from users’ choice of Bad Bunny, Badshah, DJ Khaled or Priah Ferguson from Stranger Things.

The prompts start appearing on our feeds this week and the option is also accessible via the Reels template browser or the profile of each celebrity listed above. After selecting a template and narrator, users can choose their own memories, photos and videos from the past year to include. Templates are available in English, Hindi and English or Spanish. The templates will be available globally for several weeks into 2023. 

After a huge year and a groundbreaking album, Bad Bunny said in a statement, “I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again: We have to start worrying less, life goes by too fast, enjoy each moment. Just like this year, I’ll have it in my heart por siempre (forever). I’m grateful for all the amazing moments I was able to enjoy and all the people who formed part of it. Instagram, we are ready for 2023.”

Since releasing his album God Did in July of this year, DJ Khaled has also seen a huge profile this year. “We made it through another year with blessings, and I’m grateful for everything. Don’t forget to celebrate the moments—between my album and all the beautiful places I went to, this year taught me that time with family and friends is what matters. I’m looking forward to seeing how people use my Reels template to share their 2022 memories with the ones they love.”

Stranger Things’ Priah Ferguson expressed how “this year was a ride. It came with highs and lows, but these special moments bring me joy. I’ve been looking back at the places I got to travel to, my birthday, my favourite looks, the epic premiere of Stranger Things and tons of hilarious times with friends. My Reel shows some funny moments I haven’t shared on Instagram yet. I’m hyped to see people get creative and use my template to show off secret memories from their camera roll.”

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