Instagram is rolling out a new feature that allows users to share feed posts exclusively with their ‘Close Friends.’ This development is a significant addition to the platform’s existing ‘Close Friends’ option, primarily used for Stories. Here’s what you need to know:

Personalized Close Friends Experience

As a content creator, there’s often a desire to share unfiltered, casual, and authentic content with a select group of people you know in ‘real life.’ For some users, ‘Close Friends’ literally means a small circle of 10-15 individuals. However, for content creators, it can extend to both real-life friends and their most devoted followers.

Extending the ‘Close Friends’ Concept

While Instagram has allowed users to share content exclusively with ‘Close Friends’ in Stories since 2018, a new ‘Audience’ selector option is now appearing in the post composer flow. This option enables users to share regular feed posts with their ‘Close Friends’ only, as opposed to the broader public audience that typically sees their profile posts.

Streamlined Privacy Control

Instagram has experimented with various forms of private sharing in the past, such as sharing posts with selected users or setting your profile to private. However, this new feature simplifies the process, making it easier to control who can view each post. Users can now activate this setting on a post-by-post basis, offering greater flexibility and control.

Instagram’s Emphasis on DMs

Instagram’s chief, Adam Mosseri, has noted a shift in user behavior towards sharing more content via direct messages (DMs) than through feed posts or Stories. The platform has been actively introducing features to align with this trend, including collaborative posts, post collections in chats, and Notes.

Encouraging Frequent Sharing

Sharing feed posts exclusively with ‘Close Friends’ aligns with Instagram’s efforts to encourage users to share more often, particularly if they feel that only their trusted inner circle will see their updates. This modification by Meta (Instagram’s parent company) aims to foster more intimate group discussions and capitalize on evolving behavioral trends.

Instagram’s introduction of ‘Close Friends’ only feed posts enhances user privacy and encourages more frequent sharing among its user base. This feature reflects the platform’s adaptability to changing user preferences and the broader social media landscape.

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