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Instagram has finally rolled out a solution for users to earn extra passive income. 

For many years freelancers have been building their creative service business and brand on Instagram. Influencers make a great amount of money from deals with brands and sponsored posts. But, Instagram always lacked a feature to help creators monetise their video content. 

As the company is strategically pushing to overtake TikTok and YouTube with their Reels, they still lacked the foundation of incentivising the key creators. That all changed when Instagram announced two new ways for creators to make money:

1- Ads on IGTV 

2- Badges on Instagram Live

The revenue for ads on IGTV videos will be split between Instagram and the creators, with at least 55% going to creators. Instagram will also give the possibility for fans to sponsor their favourite creators and favourite business with paid “badges” on Instagram Live videos.

These range from £1 to £5 and come in a small heart-shaped icon next to their name. The company is still testing both features. These new features are meant to help creators and businesses find a new way to earn extra revenue. Creators will pocket all of the earnings that come from the heart-shaped Instagram Live badge feature. 

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