Illustrators on Instagram who represent the LGBTQ+ community beautifully


Illustrators on Instagram who represent the LGBTQ+ community beautifully

by Wishu
2 February 2021
Heteronormativity is exactly that – the norm. Beautiful images of beautiful couples in the media have for years illustrated (no pun intended) a narrative that is Western, colonial, caucasian and heterosexual. As we all know, however, love comes in all forms and all those forms deserve to be celebrated. These freelance illustrators are demonstrating the power of queer love through colour, texture and nuance. Enjoy scrolling!…
Mark Glasgow
London based illustrator Mar. Follow him for brilliantly witty and timely illustrations that somehow describe exactly how you’re feeling.
Gabriella Grimes
Grimes aims to show how queer POC can be happy, weird, expressive, emotional, and multi-dimensional. They demonstrate that black queer stories are not defined by struggle or tragedy but are complex and human.
Cute Brute
With an 80s primary-pop color scheme, Brooklyn-based Brute comically portrays a sexuality that is fluid – both in gender and color.
Frances Cannon
Drowning in beauty, body positivity and queer acceptance, Cannon sketches “gay feelings and gay thoughts” in a way that has built an adoring LGTBQ community on her page.
Reesa Bobeesa
‘Radically soft’ Reesa makes use of complementary colors, fine lines and nostalgic fonts and layouts to produce beautiful illustrations of femme to femme love. 
My style is joyful, it’s colorful, and it’s super queer!” Wednesday proudly proclaims. Their art practises radical vulnerabiloty and all their characters are transgender. Wednesday rejects tokenism and instead prefers to construct a language of empathy and community through their art.
Gay Stuff Studio
Gay Stuff Studio’s bio reads ‘Celebrating diversity and love with art’ and what better way to combine two things we’re always looking for. Illustrating couples who are so rarely focused on, such as this adorable transgender guy and his girlfriend, to lesbian mermaids and Marsha P Johnson, his work is one to watch (and follow).


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