Introducing Humane’s AI Pin, a $699 wearable alternative to smartphones. This compact device, designed to be attached to your shirt or blouse, allows you to effortlessly capture photos, send texts, and interact with a virtual assistant using gestures and voice commands.

The AI Pin, available for purchase starting November 16, aims to reduce dependency on smartphones by providing quick access to essential functions. Priced at $699 with a $24 monthly plan for unlimited calling, texting, and data through T-Mobile, the Pin offers a unique blend of functionality and style.

Humane, founded by former Apple executives Bethany Bongiorno and Imran Chaudhri, envisions the AI Pin as the world’s first contextual computer. With features like a laser projector for visual interfaces and a virtual assistant comparable to ChatGPT, the Pin is set to be a constant companion for users across various age groups and backgrounds.

While some see the Pin as a promising entry into the world of wearable AI devices, skepticism remains about its societal acceptance and potential impact on human connection. As one of the first in a wave of upcoming wearables featuring ChatGPT-like AI services, the Pin faces competition, including from renowned Apple designer Jony Ive.

Humane’s emphasis on privacy, affordability, and its unique design sets the AI Pin apart from traditional wearable devices. The device, weighing only 55 grams, attaches securely to clothing with a magnetic battery pack, offering a comfortable and unobtrusive experience for all-day wear.

Controlled by taps, gestures, and voice commands, the Pin’s intuitive interface allows users to seamlessly navigate its features. The device runs on Google’s open-source Android operating system, providing flexibility for future app development.

While the Pin’s potential to redefine personal technology is generating excitement among Humane’s supporters, its long-term impact on societal behavior and the extent to which it can replace smartphones remain open questions. The Pin’s creators acknowledge that it won’t entirely replace smartphones but offer it as a revolutionary step toward integrating AI into daily life.

With its sleek design, privacy-focused features, and innovative functions, the AI Pin represents a notable addition to the evolving landscape of wearable AI devices. As orders begin shipping in early 2024, Humane anticipates the Pin’s positive reception as a unique and accessible AI companion for users worldwide.

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