How to use IGTV Instagram as a creative freelancer

Videos have become one of the most useful marketing tools for freelancers. Offering you a way to connect with your audience and clients, grow your freelancer brand, and make an impact on those who follow you.

With the right strategies in place, IGTV can be a perfect space for your video content. You have the option to publish videos on IGTV that are up to an hour long and can be used to inform, captivate and convert viewers into loyal followers and brand advocates.
π˜π˜π˜‹π˜Œπ˜–π˜š π˜ˆπ˜‰π˜–π˜œπ˜› π˜ π˜–π˜œπ˜™ π˜žπ˜–π˜™π˜’ & π˜šπ˜Œπ˜™π˜π˜π˜Šπ˜Œπ˜š
Videos that would show clients and your audience a feel for the services that you offer. You can offer your audience exclusive content that shows them how you work and what they could be expecting.
π˜Œπ˜Ÿπ˜Šπ˜“π˜œπ˜šπ˜π˜π˜Œ ‘π˜‰π˜Œπ˜π˜π˜•π˜‹ π˜›π˜π˜Œ π˜šπ˜Šπ˜Œπ˜•π˜Œπ˜š’ π˜π˜π˜‹π˜Œπ˜–π˜š
Exclusive content that tells your freelancer story is helpful when wanting to connect with your audience in a super personable and authentic way. Offering your future clients and audience a feel of what it’s like behind the scenes of a project you work on. These videos aren’t expected to be super polished.
π˜šπ˜Œπ˜“π˜-π˜Šπ˜ˆπ˜™π˜Œ / π˜šπ˜Œπ˜“π˜-π˜π˜Œπ˜“π˜— π˜Žπ˜œπ˜π˜‹π˜Œπ˜š
At this moment, some of the top-performing video content is based on self-care and self-help. IGTV opens up a forum to discuss this extremely important matter at a deeper level and offers a fantastic opportunity to engage with your audience in a way that feels super personable.
π˜π˜•π˜›π˜Œπ˜™π˜π˜π˜Œπ˜žπ˜š π˜ˆπ˜•π˜‹ 𝘘&𝘈𝘴 π˜šπ˜Œπ˜šπ˜šπ˜π˜–π˜•π˜š
A great way for a freelancer who is looking for IGTV ideas is to conduct interviews and Q&As with other creators/collaborators.

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