There are various ways to boost engagement on Meta’s uber-popular social platform Instagram. However, one of the best ways to do it is by using Instagram Collab posts. Instagram Collab posts are not like your regular posts and can hugely help to increase engagement on the platform.

So, what are Instagram Collab posts? How to create one on the platform? And most importantly, how to use them to boost engagement for your Instagram handle?

If these questions led you to this article, I am glad to inform you that you came down the right path. In this explainer, I am going to tell you all about Instagram Collab posts, how you can create them, and how you can use them to increase your profile or brand visibility on the platform.

So, grab a cup of coffee and get ready to learn all about Collab posts on Instagram!

What are Instagram Collab Posts?

Instagram Collab posts are special posts that appear on multiple Instagram profiles instead of appearing only on the profile of the original creators of the posts. So, as you can imagine, the term “Collab” in Instagram Collab posts is actually an abbreviation for collaboration.

Instagram Collab works like how tagging works on the said social platform. So, much like how you can tag other Instagram users in your posts, you can invite them as collaborators. 

However, one notable difference between tagging and collaboration is that collaborated Instagram posts appear not only on the creator’s Instagram profile but also on the profiles of the collaborators.

Now, it is worth mentioning that Instagram allows users to add up to 5 collaborators to a single post. Apart from the 5 collaborators, users can add up to 15 tags to their posts.

So, all in all, you can mention up to 20 accounts per Instagram post, including collaborators and tags.

How Do Instagram Collab Posts Work?

Instagram Collab posts work much like any other Instagram post except for the fact that they appear on multiple profiles on the social platform. However, there are some conditions for the Collab posts to work on Instagram. They are as follows:

1. For an Instagram Collab post to work, both the original creator account and the collaborator account must be set to Public. Instagram Collabs do not work for Private Instagram accounts.

2. Additionally, if a user has disabled tagging and mentioning for their Instagram profile, other users will not be able to invite them as collaborators.

3. Lastly, Instagram Collab posts need to be manually approved by the invited collaborators for them to appear on their profiles. So, if you invite a collaborator for an Instagram post and they do not approve it, the post will neither show up on their profile nor they will be shown as a collaborator on your Instagram post.

So, these are some of the key conditions for Instagram Collab posts to work on the social media platform.

How to Invite Collaborators for Instagram Collab Posts?

Now, inviting collaborators for Instagram Collab posts is as easy as tagging Instagram users in a post. You can check out the steps right below to learn how to invite collaborators for your Instagram posts:

1. Start by creating a regular post on Instagram.

2. On the New Post page, tap the Tag people option.

3. Tap the Invite Collaborators button at the top.

4. Search for the Instagram account you want to collaborate with and tap on it to invite them as a collaborator.

5. Like this, you can add up to 5 collaborators for your Instagram Collab post.

6. Once you have added all your collaboration invites, tap the Done button.

7. Now, you can simply tap the Share button to publish the post.

When you share your Instagram Collab post on the platform, at first, it will only appear on your Instagram profile. It is only when your collaborator(s) accept the invite the Instagram Collab post will start appearing on their profile(s).

How to Use Instagram Collab Posts to Boost Engagement?

Alright, now that you know all about Instagram Collab posts, let’s take a quick look at how they can be used to increase engagement on the social media platform.

1. Use Instagram Collab Posts to Partner with Brands

One of the best ways to use Instagram Collab posts to boost the engagement rate for your Instagram profile is to collaborate with brands.

Brands and business-focused Instagram accounts usually have a high number of followers. Hence, using Instagram Collab posts to collaborate with brands will expose your Instagram post to various new users, and in turn, boost your engagement rate.

2. Use Instagram to Collaborate with Other Influencers

Much like how you can partner with brands using Instagram Collab posts, you can collaborate with fellow Instagrammers to increase your reach on the social platform.

Collaborating with other influencers in your niche using Instagram Collab posts will make your post visible to the followers of the influencers you collaborate with. This can not only boost your engagement rate but also garner more followers.

3. Use Instagram Collab Posts for Giveaways or Contests

One of the best use cases for Instagram Collab posts has to be Instagram giveaways or contests on the platform. 

So, if you plan to organize an Instagram giveaway or contest on your profile, you must partner with brands or fellow Instagram influencers to increase the reach of your giveaway or contest drastically. 

This can significantly boost the engagement rate as the giveaway or contest will be visible on multiple accounts. As a result, more Instagram users will come across the giveaway or contest, in turn, increasing the chance of boosting the engagement rate on the platform.

Instagram Collab Posts FTW!

So, this was all about Instagram Collab posts – how to create them and how to use them to boost your Instagram engagement rate. Collaborations with brands and influencers are a great way to gain exposure and increase the visibility of your creator-handle on Instagram.

Hence, we hope this article helps you use Instagram Collab posts wisely to increase the engagement rate of your profile. For more such stories, subscribe to our newsletter.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do Collab posts on Instagram get more engagement?

As collaboration posts on Instagram appear on multiple profiles rather than only on the profile of the creator, it reaches more users on the platform. So, it naturally increases the chance of getting more engagement on the platform.

How many followers do you need to collab on Instagram?

There is no follower-count limit for Instagram Collab posts. So, no matter how small or big the Instagram following is, every user can create collab posts on Instagram.

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