With the rise of TikTok since the pandemic, many YouTubers have infiltrated the platform within their longer form content; they react to TikToks submitted by viewers, try to learn TikTik dances, or recreate their favorite TikToks.

However, many TikToks use copyrighted music, which can lead to a copyright strike if it appears on your channel.

Let’s talk about how to use TikToks in your videos without getting a copyright strike.

Screen Record the TikTok Instead of Downloading It

If you’ve ever tried to download a TikTok, you’ll notice that added music (not spoken audio or trending sounds) won’t come with the video. Alas, you have a silent video. To avoid this, you screen record them yourself.

You can screen record any TikTok from your smartphone. Later, you can insert the footage into your YouTube video.

Verbally credit the original creator

Even if you don’t have to pay for the rights to use that content, you still need to give credit where credit is due.

Imagine how you would feel if you saw a TikTok you made in someone else’s YouTube video, and that creator didn’t even tag your @ or give you a shout out? 

Whenever you use someone else’s TikTok in your video, be sure to verbally mention their username as well as their display name. You might even show their username as text on the screen next to their video.

Take it a step further by crediting them in the description of your video as well. Write a section header such as “Original TikToks by” or “TikToks used in this video.” Then, list the usernames of the original creators. You might also include a link to their original video or profile.

Mute the Original Recording 

While the use of the music on a TikTok video is licensed on the platform itself, using it in a YouTube video you’re going to monetize on can put your channel in jeopardy. Even a thirty-second song snippet used in a TikTok is enough to get your channel a copyright strike.

Therefore, you should mute the original audio of any TikTok you use in your video. To mute the original audio, simply delete the audio file under the screen recorded video in your editing timeline. You can tell your viewers what song was used and why you had to mute it.

Use Royalty Free Tracks Instead

Once you’ve muted a TikTok’s original audio, replace it with a royalty-free track. Paste the track under the TikTok video and trim it to fit. You can use different royalty-free tracks for every TikTok in your video, or you can use different parts of the same track.

As TikTok continues to play a significant role in content creation, integrating its videos into YouTube content has become a common trend.

However, the challenge lies in the potential copyright issues associated with TikTok’s music. Fear not! There are practical solutions to seamlessly use TikTok videos on YouTube without facing copyright strikes.

From screen recording to proper crediting and utilizing royalty-free tracks, you can maintain the harmony of your content creation across platforms.


Why should I credit the original creator?

Providing proper credit is a courtesy to the original creator. It not only respects their work but also helps build a positive community. Verbally mention their username and consider displaying it on-screen, as well as crediting them in the video description.

Can I replace a muted TikTok with any audio for my YouTube video?

To avoid copyright issues, replace the muted TikTok audio with royalty-free tracks. This ensures that you can monetize your YouTube video without risking copyright strikes.

Where can I find royalty free music?

There are various platforms offering royalty-free music. Choose tracks that fit the vibe of your content and seamlessly replace the muted TikTok audio. You can use different tracks for each TikTok or opt for variations of the same track.

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