With continued growth in the NFT market, more individuals are getting into it, creating, buying, and trading NFTs, with each passing day.

Although the market has been on a slow track since its boom in the first half of 2022, it is expected to reach $60 billion by 2031. So, now might be one of the best times to create your own NFT project and capture most of the potential value of the NFT market by targeting net NFT buyers.

So, how do you target net NFT buyers for your project? Well, to help you with that, we have created this explainer. In this, we have discussed how you can target net NFT buyers for your upcoming or existing project. Check out the following sections for all the details!

Target Net NFT Buyers for Your Project

Targeting net buyers for your NFT project is surely a significant step if you want the most value out of your non-fungible tokens. 

However, before we get into how to target net buyers for NFT your project, let’s take a quick look at who actually the net NFT buyers are.

Who are Net NFT Buyers?

Now, in the NFT market, there are two kinds of buyers – Net buyers and Flippers. While flippers tend to see the NFT market as a short-term cash cow, net buyers perceive it as a long-term investment platform. Let me explain!

Flippers would buy potentially trending NFTs, hold them until their values are increased, and sell them to book a profit. They do not care much about the community and utilities associated with the NFT project and just want to make quick money.

Net buyers, on the other hand, are collectors who view NFTs as long-term investments. They do not buy NFTs to make profits but to support the communities, utilities, and creators associated with NFT projects.

Characteristics of Net NFT Buyers

The net NFT buyers have a few characteristics that distinguish them from flippers. They are as follows:

1. Research-oriented – As net NFT buyers are long-term investors, they do not buy NFTs just because they are trending on the web. They get into research mode and try to unearth every little detail about the NFT project they are planning to invest in. 

2. Passionate – Net buyers are generally passionate about their NFT investments and do not treat them lightly. When they invest in an NFT project, they tend to get passionate about it and become the biggest supporters.

3. Sustainable – Net buyers provide sustainability for projects in which they are invested. They tend to become active members of the community and contribute their valuable input for further project developments.

So, these are some of the basic characteristics of a net NFT buyer. In a nutshell, they act as the soil that holds the ground for the NFT market.

How to Target Net NFT Buyers for Your Project?

Now, coming to the part: how do you target these net NFT buyers for your project, you can follow a few key pointers that we have discussed right below:

#1 Create High-Quality and Original NFTs

Two of the most important factors that attract net buyers for NFT projects are quality and originality. So, if you want net NFT buyers to invest in your project, make sure to create high-quality NFTs for your collection based on an original idea, cause, theme, or character.

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#2 Build an Exclusive Community

Another key factor that ignites interest in net buyers is an exclusive community. So, when you are creating your NFT collection from scratch, build an exclusive community around it and maintain it in the long run. 

This gives net NFT buyers a sense of inclusivity. It also provides a platform for them to contribute their input to project developments and interact with like-minded individuals.

#3 Provide Additional NFT Utilities

Unlike flippers, net buyers are interested in additional utilities associated with an NFT project. So, apart from creating just artwork for your NFT collection, you must provide additional perks in your NFT project to target net NFT buyers. The additional utilities can include rewards, bonuses, royalties, and incentives.

#4 Choose the Right Network and Marketplace

Choosing the right network to mint your NFTs and the right marketplace to list them also play key roles in targeting net NFT buyers. Although there are various networks and marketplaces available, you’d want to choose the one that offers good reach, enhanced security, and low gas fees for your NFT project.

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So, if you want to target high net-worth NFT investors for your project, we’d recommend using the Ethereum network and the OpenSea marketplace. For gaming-focused NFT projects, you can use the Polygon blockchain network.

#5 Collaborate with Related NFT Creators

Now, apart from following the above-mentioned measures, you can also collaborate with related NFT creators in their projects to expand your target market. Getting involved with other NFT creators in the market can expand your reach and attract more net buyers to your NFT project.

Start Targeting Net NFT Buyers for Your Project Right Now!

That wraps up our short explainer on how to target net NFT buyers for your project. Targeting net NFT buyers can not only garner quality investments for your project but also sustain it in the long run. 

So, start targeting net buyers for your existing or upcoming NFT projects and secure your future in the NFT market.

Who are flippers?

Flippers are the opposite of net buyers and invest in NFT projects for short terms. Flippers treat NFTs as short-term assets and trade them as soon as their values increase to make quick profits.

Should you target net NFT buyers?

If you want your NFT project to sustain and succeed in the long run, you should and must target net NFT buyers instead of flippers.

How to identify net NFT buyers?

Although there is no direct way to identify net NFT buyers, you will find them more active in NFT projects, participate in member events, and show passion about project developments.

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