By now, everyone knows how to see who screenshotted their Snapchat story or who viewed their story on Snapchat when it says +1 more but many users are wanting to know how to see non-followers or non-subscribers in their Snapchat story views.

With the most recent Snapchat update, the viewer section of your story now comes in two categories: followers and non-followers.

Lots of users are excited to find out who these non-followers are but often find themselves wondering about the steps to do just that.

How can I see non-subscribers on my Snapchat story?

For now, it’s impossible to see the list of non-followers on your Snapchat story. However, it’s likely that Snapchat will introduce an exclusive feature for Snapchat Plus subscribers to see non-followers in the near future.

It seems that Snapchat is strategically piquing people’s curiosity about who might be viewing their stories among non-followers. They may soon offer this functionality to premium subscribers, with the aim of enticing more users to subscribe to Snapchat+.

How can non-subscribers view my story without following me? 

Many users wonder how non-subscribers can even view their stories without having added them as friends.

The most straightforward explanation for this situation is that you might have unintentionally made your story “public,” enabling individuals who aren’t your followers to view your story content. Therefore, it’s a good idea to review your story settings.

In this case, non-followers may include people you’ve removed as friends on Snapchat but with whom you still have an active chat in their chat tab. It also refers to those who discovered your profile through features like quick add, map, or the explore feed.

Snapchat’s latest update introduces a division between followers and unfollowers in the viewer section, leaving many users eager to unveil the identities of those outside their follower list.

While currently, there’s no direct way to see non-subscribers, hints suggest that Snapchat might roll out an exclusive feature for Snapchat Plus subscribers in the near future.

The platform seems to be strategically building anticipation, aiming to offer premium subscribers an enhanced experience.


How can I see non-subscribers on my Snapchat story?

there isn’t a direct method to view a list of non-followers on your Snapchat story. Snapchat may, however, introduce a feature exclusively for Snapchat Plus subscribers in the future.

How can non-subs see my story if they don’t follow me?

If non-subscribers are viewing your story, it’s likely that your story settings are set to “public.” It’s recommended to review your story settings to control who can view your content.

How can I maintain privacy on my Snapchat profile?

To maintain privacy, regularly check and adjust your story settings. This ensures that only the desired audience, whether followers or a select group, can view your Snapchat stories.

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