Let us first establish what we mean by ‘repurposing’ podcast content. Essentially, podcast content is audial and if the only way you share that content is via your podcast then it’s the only place people will access it. Repurposing the content means tailoring it to suit other platforms such as blogs and visual social media. 

Remember, your audience is made up of all auditory, visual and kinesthetic learners alike. By repurposing your podcast content, you’ll connect with all three learning styles across a variety of platforms.

Let’s look at some ways to repurpose your content so that your overall digital presence can attract more traffic. 

  1. Make the podcast visual for YouTube
    Podcast legends like Naomi Campbell and Ashley Graham publish their podcasts both in aural and visual format. This means they get dressed up with their guests – either in person (like Ashley) or over Zoom (like Naomi) and film the podcast being recorded so that it is ready to go on YouTube. There is a charm to this as people can see the laughs and genuine interaction between you and your guest. Not to mention that YouTube is arguably the most popular platform for interactive content so will ensure more traction. 
  2. Instagram and socials
    Another great thing about visually recording your podcasts is that it automatically gives you a plethora of content to share on social media. You could upload it as an IGTV segment or even share the best 45 seconds of the recording as a promo teaser for your Instagram feed. 
  3. Transcribing
    The easiest way to repurpose the content is to transcribe it. This also makes your podcast more accessible to those who are non-native speakers of your language as well as those with hearing impairments. Softwares like Otter, Descript, and Rev automatically transcribe audio to save you having to type up every word said in 45 minutes. 
  4. Blogging
    You can then take your transcript and edit it down into a blog post. Try embedding the audio player from your podcast host so that readers can opt to listen to your episode as well when you post on your blog. 
  5. TikTok
    Yes, you heard me right – you can repurpose your 40 minute long podcast into a 30 second long TikTok and it will work on gaining more traction. Try and pick the most interesting 15-30 seconds of the podcast and create an audiogram of it (software like Wavve or Headliner are great for this). Add a sense of humour and ask others to create their own TikTox where they lip sync to your audiogram.  

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