Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but there is no way to remove subscribers on YouTube. You can, however, block a user in order to limit and often almost entirely put a stop to their interaction on your content.

How to Block a Subscriber on YouTube

  • Visit the subscriber’s YouTube channel by clicking on their name in your subscribers list or on a comment they left.
  • Click on the About tab.
  • Click the Flag icon and select Block user

Once a subscriber is blocked, they will be unable to interact with you via comments or DM’s. However, they can still view your content and subscribe to your channel.

The reason they can view your content is because your YouTube channel is a public page. So even if you block them, they can still open a browser, where they aren’t signed in, and view your content. 

Blocking simply stops the user, and any other accounts they might create, from engaging with your content in the form of likes, re-shares and comments. 

Something else you can do to prevent further hate commenting and negative polluting on your page is to set your video comments to “approval only”.

This manages the kind of comments that appear under your videos in your video’s advanced settings and allows you to review and approve comments before they are visible to the public.

How to change your video comment settings

  • Visit YouTube Studio
  • Click Content in the left-hand menu
  • Find the video you want to change settings for & click the pencil icon (details)
  • Scroll down and click Comments and ratings
  • Select Hold all comments for review
  • Click Save

Make Subscriptions Private

Some content creators also choose to make their subscriptions private. This option, located in your YouTube settings, prevents others from seeing your channel’s active subscribers.

When To Report A User

In cases of serious harassment or inappropriate behavior, you have the option to report the user to YouTube. This helps the platform maintain a safe and respectful community.

Here’s how to report a YouTube user:

  • Visit the page of the user you want to report
  • Click on the About tab
  • Click on the flag icon
  • Select Report User and the reason that best fits the situation
  • Click Submit

In conclusion, managing subscribers on YouTube can be a crucial aspect of maintaining a positive and safe online environment.

While there isn’t a direct option to remove subscribers, blocking, adjusting comment settings, and making subscriptions private are effective strategies to limit unwanted interactions.

Additionally, reporting users in cases of serious harassment or inappropriate behavior is an essential step in ensuring the overall well-being of the YouTube community.


What does blocking a subscriber do?

When you block a subscriber, they cannot interact with your content through comments or direct messages. They can still view your content and subscribe to your channel.

Why can blocked subscribers still view my content?

YouTube channel is a public page, so even if someone is blocked, they can still view your content by accessing it through a browser without signing in.

Can I prevent hate comments on my YouTube?

You can set your video comments to “approval only” in YouTube Studio. This allows you to review and approve comments before they become visible to the public.

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