When I first started getting the Web3 community space back in April, it was made clear to me that the two must have channels for Web3 networking and community building are Twitter and Discord. Now Twitter, naturally, I was more accustomed to. The audio spaces were much like Instagram lives and retweeting spaces was pretty straightforward. 

Discord, however, I found much harder. Originally built for gaming, the interface is more clunky than slick and chats are filled with so many people it can be hard to make direct connections. Here’s a small guide on how to really use it. 

While Discord has its faults it’s kind of the de facto channel for co-creation communication which is great for brands. 

What Discord promises is genuine conversation and interest in what brands are building and how they’re building it. Users and consumers feel connected to brands on a more personal level on Discord than on Twitter and as for NFT collections, you can show sneak peaks. How a brand manifests digitally [and] physically is all the same thing. It’s all about empowering people and giving them the tools and resources they need to be their most creative self.

We recommend you learn how to make a Discord before you open [a server for your brand] and expect people to [use it], because it’s not an easy tool to use. If you have money to hire someone, find someone who’s good at it. It takes a couple months teaching yourself before you start getting people in. You need to be able to play around. Listen to the community and observe where people are engaging and where they aren’t.

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