I believe TikTok is one of the most underrated channels for promoting NFT projects and cultivating a loyal following. If you read online articles about how to advertise NFT collections, you’re unlikely to have come across TikTok as a viable option. Which is very surprising.

Lots of individual TikTok creators have posted about earning money through NFTs, but the most notable person making money from them is Grimes. She sold $5.8 billion in NFT art in just 20 minutes. 

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Now NFT creators can do the same thing, but instead of focusing on creating videos how they’re making money, they can focus on how they’re growing their communities by providing advice, tools, and project updates. Remember on TikTok it only takes 1 video to get popular so don’t give up on posting videos. 

Here are a few ideas on how you can leverage the platform for your NFT launch:

  • Informational content. Sharing knowledge is valuable and one thing TikTok does particularly well is pushing “valuable” content to the top of the algorithm. Share everything you think people would enjoy. Start with making 3-5 short videos on topics such as… top tools for every NFT creator… NFT opportunities… A day in the life of…
  • Entertainment content. If you know how to make people laugh or inspire them with your content then you have the ability to use that platform to promote your NFTs. Now, how this can be done is open to interpretation.
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