A landing page is there to welcome new visitors – so when considering how to optimise your landing page, creating first impressions is important. 

Let’s begin with basic

First things first, before we optimise the landing page, we need to ensure that it encompasses all the necessary elements; Headline, subheading, lead capture, powerful imagery, etc. 

What could be done?

Now that the basics are in place let us ask ourselves what could be improved. It may not be obvious at first glance what could change but having a look at analytics is a great way to begin. If visitors aren’t bothering to go beyond the landing page, we need to give them an excuse to. High traffic and low conversions mean your landing page design is not convincing enough. Maybe you’re not explaining your product or service clearly, or maybe you’re using the wrong statistics or testimonials to support your point. In either case, you should reevaluate your sales strategies and presentation. Things worth reevaluating are;
Colour scheme
Background images
Font type
Empty space
Page composition 

Market research

Rather than guess what users want, it could be worth asking them. Try hosting polls on your social media pages and see what responses you get. 

Keep updated on the latest SEO trends

You’ll get more reliable SEO data looking at statistics than you will be asking people directly. SEO tools can tell you exactly which terms can help out your landing page most, including the most popular searches with the least competition. Make sure your website is infusing these key search words so that your landing page will appear higher and trump the algorithms.

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