How to navigate X’s ever-changing algorithm

As a content creator, gauging how to navigate X (Twitter) at the moment is a shambles. Thankfully, the X algorithm is being updated regularly, in alignment with Elon’s X vision, and the latest changes could have a positive impact on our posting strategy, based on what the X team are looking to incentivize.

According to the code, X is now looking to amplify replies to posts, with replies to content now getting more exposure than even retweets in the main “For You” feed. This is particularly true for ads – a key component of X’s ad revenue share strategy – as it seems like X is trying to show more eligible ads, by highlighting more replies, which will ideally get even more people engaging in the same conversation, thus expanding the potential for ad display.

X is also looking to put more emphasis on video content, while the “You might like” tag is set to be replaced with “Popular videos”. This is part of X’s broader effort to get more people consuming more video content in the app, which X will then be able to monetize by inserting ads, and generating more revenue share options for video creators.

Elon has said that he wants X to compete with YouTube, while new X CEO Linda Yaccarino is most experienced in selling ads against video content. This is a strange announcement seeing that only two months ago, Musk was very against the idea of repurposed video content being shared on the platform. 

However, the launch of Tucker Carlson’s X exclusive show is just the start of what’s likely to be a much bigger video push in the app, and the algorithm is now being re-aligned around this approach, while X is also developing new video viewing controls, and its full-screen video display.

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