Social media and marketplace networks is a powerful tool to help connect you with potential clients and agencies. Spending time to create the right profile will ensure you get noticed.

So if you want to be easily found by people looking for your services and attract those lucrative connections, here are some tips to make the most of social media and the marketplace when you freelance.

Your Profile Picture

You might be underestimating the power of your profile picture and what first impression of you and your business it makes to the clients. Using a picture that showcases you as a great professional will make a difference.  Don’t use images from Facebook or a recent night out with friends. And don’t leave the space blank either, because it could put people off.

Your Freelance Job Title (showing on each platform)  

It’s an opportunity to throw in some keywords! For example, if you’re a freelance illustrator. Lots of freelancers will be doing the same thing, so throw in some other niche keywords that will help you stand out, e.g. ‘Freelance Illustrator for the Beauty Industry’. 

Links to your other profiles & services

Use platforms such as and to create your own link hub. Include your website, other social media, marketplace profile (where they can book your services). 

Turn your portfolios into case studies 

Uploading pictures/videos of your work is great, but what is even better is turning them into actual case studies. Clients are looking to hire you based on your portfolio, but also on how you work as a creative (and how you work in a team). So this is your opportunity to shine some light on your work ethic, methods, and how you achieved your final results. 

Find contacts & Join Groups

Time to search and build your network groups. It’s advisable to have more than 2 network groups (e.g. marketplace network, social media network, newsletter). If you haven’t already it’s the perfect time to start and develop your network groups. This will help you not only now but in the future to pitch and sell your new services. 

Promote Your Profile

Finally, get the word out there that you’re on the sites (Instagram, Wishu, LinkedIn…). Add a button/icon to your website and blog. 

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