Instead of AI coming for your job, how about using it to make even more money? The public launch of the uber-popular ChatGPT and the growing investment by businesses to harness AI technology are creating a media frenzy.

As AI becomes a bigger part of our daily lives, more ways to make money using the technology become available. Here are several ways you can make money with AI as a content creator. 

6 Ways to Make Money With AI as a Content Creator

Generate written content for your loyal subscribers

Many content creators, especially in the web3 world, publish a weekly newsletter to keep their most loyal followers engaged with their latest news.

Generative AI programs like ChatGPT enable anyone to generate written content quickly. It can assist with writing content for blog posts, website copy, sales copy for businesses, sponsored social media posts, and more.

The AI can assist with developing an outline, generating paragraphs, and brainstorming ideas, assisting content creators with getting past writer’s block to write faster.

Create AI Generated Art

Many music NFT creators and music artists in general are using AI to generate their album cover art, especially if they cannot afford to pay a graphic designer or photographer. 

Make content for other platforms – especially YouTube

AI tools allow anyone to create videos for YouTube so they can promote or sell a product or service. ChatGPT can generate video ideas and scripts, and the program has a text-to-speech feature for creating a voiceover for the video.

Meanwhile, you can use programs like Synthesia to generate videos to upload on YouTube. If you create evergreen videos (i.e., those with content that will remain relevant), they can generate recurring passive income from ad revenue or affiliate links embedded within the video.

We recommend marketing your longer form YouTube videos with YouTube Shorts and repurpose the content on other short form platforms like TikTok and Instagram. 

Build Your Website

Every content creator knows that creating your own video can feel like such a schlep. Social media is easy, the format is there, you just upload content over time.

A website on the other hand requires a lot more effort which is now, thankfully, minimized thanks to AI. You can build websites for small-business clients or create them for yourself to produce income from affiliated marketing, ads, or subscription sales.

Website-building tools like can help anyone create a professional-looking website through templates or Wix Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI). You can quickly create websites for clients or build them to sell your products or promote affiliate marketing links.

Start Online Courses

Many content creators make the bulk of their revenue from online courses. Take travel YouTuber Damon Dominique who started interactive and colloquial language courses in French and Spanish over a year ago.

Dominique has attracted tens of thousands of his followers to purchase the course for just under $200. The courses are now his largest source of income. Content creators can now use AI software to help create online courses you sell, including those teaching others how to use AI.

Artificial intelligence tools like ChatGPT can help you brainstorm ideas and topics and develop course materials.

AI tools can help you create videos, generate a script, and use a text-to-speech tool to record voiceover lessons and create other course materials. AI can also help you put together materials to market and sell your online courses to customers.

Generate Audio AI Content

AI can help create many types of audio content through text-to-speech functions. You can use AI prompts to write a script for an audiobook and then a text-to-speech creator to generate the audio for the book.

AI tools can also help translate videos or written content into a different language. For example, Nova A.I. software allows you to translate and add subtitles to a video.

You can provide video creators with translation services through freelance sites like Upwork and Fiverr. You can also use text-to-speech tools to translate written content into an audio format or to convert written text into audio for the visually impaired.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. What skills do I need to get started with AI content creation?

Honestly none. If you’re a content creator, chances are you are already pretty tech savvy. Practice is key. 

2. Is AI content creation ethical?

This is a whole other blog post in itself. Yes, AI creation is completely ethical if created correctly. For example, if you generate an album cover through putting a bunch of Helmut Newton images into a generator, should Newton be credited for his influence? Most likely, yes. I would argue that the royalty split, however, is mostly the responsibility of the generator in this case. 

3. Can I use AI to improve my existing content?

That’s the whole point. Many AI generators make art and content more interactive and more enhanced. 

4. Are there any legal considerations when selling AI-generated content?

As long as all artists and the generators are credited responsibly, you should be covered. But always check terms and conditions. 

Final Words

The immense growth in artificial intelligence market trends makes it an excellent way to earn money.

AI-powered software can help people from different industries and technical backgrounds automate some of their work processes, saving them time and money.

Beginners with limited technical knowledge of AI technology can use various AI tools and platforms to help with their side hustles, such as producing content, creating a website design, making online courses, doing freelance coding, and becoming AI product affiliates.

On the other hand, experts with a deeper knowledge of the technology can utilize it to create more opportunities to monetize machine learning, for example:

  • Create and sell AI-powered products
  • Provide AI integration services
  • Offer AI consultation for companies
  • Invest in AI-focused businesses

Regardless of what method you choose, understanding how the technology works is essential to identifying opportunities. Stay up to date with the latest news and market trends around AI to ensure that you maximize your chances for success.

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