Juggling both part-time employment and freelance work can be a great way to make coin. The part time job provides a sense of stable income and doesn’t require too much of your time and your freelance work allows you to live out your true passion while making money. This type of lifestyle is made even more feasible in a world that is embracing work-from-home to increasing extents. 

This balance is great for many types of people. It’s great for beginner-intermediate freelancers who can’t financially take the full time freelance plunge but are still building their portfolio. It’s also great for certain personality types who enjoy structure – for example they know that each week they’re working Monday, Wednesday and half of Thursday. Many often find that having a part time job pushes their freelance work because the sense of structure gives a framework to their week and thus pushes them to be more organised and productive.

In terms of what types of part time work you can do, it’s best to look for something flexible. If you’re lucky enough to find something that allows you to work slightly different days on weeks where a freelance job requires you to work a specific day, that’s the dream.

Of course, it’s a mega plus if the part time role is even partially related to your passion. For example, if your freelance dream is to be a photographer, working as a studio assistant – or even something that seems more removed like in marketing for shoots – can be a great way to stay focused on your long term career plan, build connections and stay inspired. Not to mention it will be slightly more stimulating than working the aisles at Sainsbury’s – although if that’s the only part time gig you can find right now that’s also fantastic because it brings in steady income and doesn’t require too much emotional input. 

Different freelancers will be better suited to different part time jobs, but as mentioned, this type of lifestyle is a great way to bring a sense of stability to your life whilst keeping you motivated. 

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