Inviting readers to your content is another way of engaging and increasing your audience. This can come from social media, paid media, SEO, word-of-mouth, reviews and more. 

If you’ve been working to become a more inviting business, a great way to make this happen with your content is to think about the psychology of meeting someone. This includes warmly welcoming an audience, continuously referring to and solving the ‘problem’ and then wishing the reader well. 

Warmly welcome the reader: 

Introduce what it is that the article will accomplish, this way, the reader knows what they can expect and can decide for themselves whether they are interested in continuing without creating any false expectations or disappointment. 

Avoid overcomplicated language and stick to factual, meta descriptions and plainspoken everyday words. Anything too fancy or full of jargon will set the wrong tone for your introduction.Additionally, the title has to directly match the value proposition. Avoid clickbait titles and even if you’re attempting to attract SEO ensure that the title is still humanely enticing, 

Continuously refer to and solve the ‘problem’: 

After you have attracted the reader to the issue and explained it in the introduction, you must stay true to this theme throughout. 

If you’re the content creator, you can do this by supporting your content with useful data, research, citations, advocacy, media (images and video), tools, tactics and links to internal / external content. Of course, you have to make sure you do not overload the content too much, which can be done with solid structuring and clear writing.

Wish the reader well: 

It is important to conclude an article as it sums up its main points. Those key points can be headers, which also helps increase readability and uniformity of the article.

Another engaging method is to ask a question at the end of the article which incentivizes and empowers the reader to make a connection with the author and brand through sharing their own personal experiences. 

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