You may have heard that video is the new image. Video is taking the world by storm and is one of the most popular and successful ways to market your services. More online shoppers are watching video content than ever before, and that trend isn’t going to change any time soon. Based on consumer behaviour, it’s safe to say that even more people will use this type of content to learn about products and brands in the coming years.

Optimising your video marketing and video content in general should definitely be a priority when it comes to the online presence of your brand. 

If you have a company blog, you may want to consider the benefits of adding videos to your posts. Giving users the option to check out a video version of your blog posts is an excellent way to generate new traffic and keep new and existing customers engaged. In most cases, you can take the written post and tweak it slightly to create a script for your video.

Sharing video content should be done across multiple platforms. YouTube, TikTok and Instagram all push for video content but in different forms. Uploading posts to YouTube, for example, can help you generate a brand new audience who had never heard of your website until they found your videos. It’s easy to see why this is advantageous to leaders and marketers. Expanding your brand reach means it’s easier to connect with people who are genuinely interested in your products or services.

TikTok and Instagram are great places for short form content to inspire a growing following as well. The sooner you get active, the better. 

You should also be making it easy for users to get involved. Visitors who don’t have a way to actively interact with your brand videos won’t feel a strong connection with your business. Because of this loss of connectivity, they won’t have as much loyalty toward your company.

On the social media side of things, you should always ask your audience to share their thoughts if they have questions, comments or concerns. Similarly, always ask your viewers to share your videos if they find the information helpful.

When it comes to live events, the best course of action is to allow attendees to ask questions in advance. You could send a question form to everyone who signs up, then go over the answers at the end of your presentation.

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