Whether you’re a filmmaker or an entrepreneur/film aficionado, there are many reasons as to why you may want to start or grow a video production company.

Here are some tips to help your Video Production Company grow:

Set Up The Company…If you haven’t already

If you haven’t already, let’s put the groundwork in: find a catchy name, register it with your local government or state, set up a website with a cool design and some nice business cards. If you already have clients, think about incorporating, whether as an LLC or a corporation. Get insurance both for your business and for your equipment. Legitimacy as a company is very important, especially when it comes to getting clients. Getting clients for video production is all about trust. If your clients automatically see you as a one-man band with no professional structure, it may be a red flag.

Make Sure Finances are Secure

Automate your quotes, invoices and expenses either with accounting software like Quickbooks or with the help of a bookkeeper. Make sure you have some cash saved up to go through the slow season, or to front some of the cost of bigger productions. That being said, always ask for 50% down on any projects. Sign contracts with your clients, and most of all, pay your taxes.

Hire the right people

Great crew and talent make for stellar productions. So get the right talents on board, and you’ll be able to answer any requests.

Get the right equipment

While it may be tempting to go out and buy all the latest, trendiest equipment – resist the temptation. Get a simple kit for the market you’re in, and for the types of projects, you are doing on a very regular basis.

Have a trustworthy portfolio of work

Being personable, knowledgeable, and building a positive, open relationship will most likely create trust in the initial bidding stages. If you don’t have any work produced that sits alongside the vibe that clients will want to see,  produce some of that content with the right style, look, and scope. The more relevant examples you have, the more your potential clients will be reassured that they are in good hands and that you’re actually capable of doing what you sold them on.

Paid Advertising

SEO and paid ads are a good ways to be found online by potential clients. However, keep in mind that SEO and online ads take time and money to come to fruition. If you don’t have either, try other routes. Online, be part of your community, and contribute with relevant content/blog articles/tips that will draw attention to your growing business, and the quality of your work. This is free and can help you connect with your next big client.

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