We have written articles on our platform before about the surprising statistics surrounding how many freelancers are profiting off NFTs – 86% of UK freelancers to be precise claim to have made some sort of money off NFTs and the Web3 space.

What we feel worth exploring through this boom is the growing marriage between technology and creativity. 

While at school, many of us may remember being boxed in either the science-y and mathematical group or the creative side and there didn’t seem to be many floaters who excelled in both.

TV shows and movies like Glee and 21 Jump Street even play off these stereotypes

  • The creative ones are extroverted, good at English and take part in choir or drama
  • Where the ICT nerds thrive in mathematics, don’t care about fashion and tend to communicate from behind a computer screen.

NFT culture is shifting this forcing the extroverted creatives to get techy and logical (as well as economics literature) and encouraging the more introverted techy kids to come out of their shell in order to promote and market their services through building communities on Twitter and Discord spaces alike. It must be noted that here at Wishu, we do not adhere to or believe in stereotypes. 

Of course, you can be a fantastic painter and an economic wiz, a skilled songwriter and boss ass business bitch at the same time. However, it is interesting to see those who tend to be more creative or tech inclined take on and encourage the necessary skills to become well rounded creatives with autonomy.

The need for tech to marry with creativity in NFT spaces is also fuelling a new sort of collaboration. 

Let’s compare traditional media digestion with that of NFTs. 

For example, back in the day, Britney Spears would be the star and the person who photographed or designed her album cover could go fairly unnoticed, they’d be paid for the day or week’s work and their part was over. 

Nowadays, however, if a music artist wants to sell an NFT of a song, collaborating with a digital artist who also has a large platform will service both the musician and the cover artist, allowing the NFT to grow in popularity in different scenes, have a more widespread reach and be associated equally with the music artist and the cover artist. It is allowing creative worlds to meet in new and exciting ways on an equal, autonomous and decentralised platform.

Within these collaborations, extroverted music artists can benefit from a sound engineer’s extra attention to detail and the sound engineer can benefit from the music artist’s tried and tested marketing abilities which draw an audience in. It’s allowing multidisciplinary artists to thrive and take on challenges that wouldn’t have existed before, all while enabling them to keep a decent cut off the profits.

As the web3 space continues to evolve, we are excited to see how collaboration will further benefit the growth of a plethora of different artists.

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