A lot of brands and content creators underestimate the power of Pinterest. Pinterst is such a great platform because while users are browsing, they continue making decisions related to the buying process.

Remember that unlike social media platforms, Pinterest is almost purely a search engine for users looking for inspiration. For this reason, the operation of Pinterest Ads on the platform is very similar to that of search engine advertising. Greater visibility of your e-commerce, better results and that translates into well-labeled content or ads.  

Besides being an excellent platform to grow your brand, Pinterest is also a safe platform – there’s no commenting which makes it my personal favorite. 

In order for your Pinterest to drive traffic to your website and other social platforms, an organic, growing presence is key.

Organic Traffic and How It Works On Pinterest 

Before making any purchase decision, the user-inspired is with an intention: to discover, plan, etc. That process where the users save and retain ideas happens on Pinterest much earlier than on any other platform.

Good news for small brands: Pinterest doesn’t give much importance to the followers like other platforms do, where if you have more followers, your posts will have more importance.
Instead, it identifies a pin as relevant when it’s repinned, So it’s given more importance in search results. Whenever a pin gains impressions, it also gains potential for more impressions.

What Defines Strong Organic Content on Pinterest?

To have good content on Pinterest you need certain features or certain actions to make your brand stand out among all the organic content found on the platform.

To start, the ideal volume recommended of pins is 6-8 pins for each board, as this allows the algorithm to understand it as a set of brand messages.

Pinterest is different from other platforms, its organic reach doesn’t peak in the first 24 hours, but grows over time. Pinterest’s algorithm favors quality content and recognizes consistent and regular content as a sign of a quality account, our advice is to try to post weekly. 

How Can I Attract Good Organic Traffic on Pinterest?

Take an inventory of your initial assets. This will help you to decide how many boards you can create to start with your Pinterest search strategy. Above all,  look at the vertical images with the ideal Pinterest look (2:3) and the videos. You should have enough content to get started with your strategy; if not, focus on creating more visual assets.

  1. Create a business Pinterest account
    Business accounts not only allow you to view video pins, but you also have access to Pinterest analytics.
  2. Research keywords
    Use Pinterest trends and the search bar to find the perfect keywords for what you need.
  3. Use the most popular search terms to name your boards or create sections on them
    As with SEO, the headlines are very important to attract attention. Name board with short, searchable titles that make the content of your boards clear. Titles can be up to 100 characters long.
  4. Creating the text needs to be natural and compelling
    When people search for content on Pinterest, visuals stop scrolling, while headlines and text attract de clicks. Descriptions can be up to 500 characters, but only the first 50 characters will be visual on user’s home feeds.
  5. Choose and organize vertical images and videos
    Make sure that the layout of your Pinterest profile and the website pages you want to drive traffic to are matching.
  6. Create boards, upload images, and carousels.
    When you create boards, Pinterest will suggest pins related to your board. Add a few of them to start increasing your visibility with pinners who are actively sharing similar content. For each pin, write headlines, copy and add links.
  7. Run on your website
    Pinners should have a good user experience when they click on a pin to go to your website. Your landing page should be relevant to the pin. That will be key to whether they want to stay on the website or not.
  8. Add the “Pin It” button
    By activating this call to action on your website, you will get users to pin images to their idea boards on Pinterest.
  9. Keep your profile active
    Adding content on Pinterest weekly is critical to organic search success.

Why You Should Measure Your Traffic Metrics 

Metrics are very important to provide content-specific insight into the type of audience, interaction, and reach your brand is having. 

Pinterest Business makes this super easy providing all the tools on the homepage interface. Here you can observe the click and share rate of your posts and general impressions like the saved count and other important insights. 

Pinterest’s unique approach as a search engine for inspiration offers a distinctive advantage for brands and content creators. Leveraging Pinterest’s organic potential requires understanding its algorithm and crafting content that resonates over time.

With a focus on re-pins rather than followers, Pinterest rewards consistent and quality content. From creating captivating visuals to optimizing board names and descriptions, an organic Pinterest strategy demands thoughtful planning and regular activity.

By measuring traffic metrics through Pinterest Business tools, brands can gain valuable insights into audience engagement and refine their approach for sustained success.


Is Pinterest’s algorithm different from other social platforms?

Pinterest’s algorithm values repins over followers. The platform recognizes a pin’s relevance through repins, contributing to its visibility in search results and potential for increased impressions. 

How is Pinterest’s organic reach different from other platforms?

Unlike platforms with a peak in organic reach within the first 24 hours, Pinterest’s organic reach grows over time. The algorithm favors quality and consistency, making regular posting, ideally weekly, a key strategy for success.

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