If you find yourself overwhelmed with too much business to handle, firstly, congratulations! Remember that you once dreamt of making it here so whilst it may be stressful and hard to manage, be proud of yourself.

Secondly, Wishu is here to help you manage the manic workload. There are several ways to reduce your workload while still increasing your revenue and developing many relationships with several clients.

Hire an Assistant

If you find yourself with too much admin and you only want to focus on the creative side why not hire an assistant to work a couple of days a week? You can delegate research projects, content creation and planning and administrative tasks to them while developing your creativity and making money from that.

Pass work onto trusted freelancers and take a commission

If there really are too many projects to undergo but you still want to stay in touch with a client, pass on the work to another trusted freelancer and take 10% commission. This way every party is happy! If you don’t know any, try looking on Wishu for other creatives, their work, rating and so on – they’ll be sure to appreciate it.

Set up an agency – is it time?  

If you’ve been accumulating more and more work for a while, it could be time to set up your agency. Going from self-employed freelancer to CEO of an agency can make a lot more revenue, give you free time and increase your motivation and confidence. Check out this article on how to do so and make the transition.

Set Your Boundaries and Say No When Needed

Boundaries help all of us define our limits and top priorities. We need them not only for our work life but also for our personal lives. No matter what we’re pursuing boundaries help us stay in touch with what can be achieved! Examine the eight dimensions of wellness (physical, social, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, financial, environmental and occupational), then you can precisely know the are where stress might be affecting you. Then start setting your limits to eliminate the roots of stress.

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