Having a great content strategy for Linkedin will help you connect with potential clients, businesses, and industry top creators. Pretty much the opportunities are limitless!

So what’s the secret to being successful on LinkedIn? It’s CONTENT! What you post on LinkedIn matters. If you’re going to invest your time into building your LinkedIn you will need to not look at it as a re-share space, you will need to look at it differently. In this guide, we’ll outline four tried-and-tested post formats, precise formats you should consider sharing on LinkedIn. This will help you reach your LinkedIn goals:

How does creating a content strategy for LinkedIn work?

You’ll first need to outline your key marketing goals for your freelance business:

Step #1: Outline Your LinkedIn Marketing Goals

By setting such goals it will help you keep your efforts focused and also help you assess how you will measure these goals. You will be able to consider all of the opportunities that come out from the platform and how LinkedIn’s audience fits your business objectives. Creators often use LinkedIn to look for project/job opportunities, networking with niche communities, career advice and relevant conversations.
You should consider taking on some of these goals into your action plan:

  • Attracting job opportunities
  • Attracting the right clients
  • Raising awareness in LinkedIn groups
  • Raising your freelance brand awareness with creative industry professionals

Step #2: Create a LinkedIn Content Strategy

Now that you got a clear image of what you want to achieve on the platform, you can start to look at how you’ll build your content strategy that supports your freelance business goals.

For example, if you want to attract more creative job opportunities, you can post some updates on your feed, or in LinkedIn groups dedicated to creative jobs and freelancing. By keeping your freelance business goals at the heart of your strategies, you’ll be able to build the best messaging and content that drives results. 

So, what should you post on LinkedIn? Here are the 4 Content Ideas for Viral Growth

These are all tried and tested growth ideas that you can try out on LinkedIn:

  1. Interactive Content
  2. Thought leadership in your niche
  3. Freelance Advice, Events, and Opportunities
  4. Your freelance career spotlights 

#1: Interactive Content

By sharing interactive content that encourages likes, content and reshares will provide you with a successful acceleration towards viral growth on the platform. You can start with LinkedIn Polls, where it’s easier to generate clicks on your content and get some emoji reactions. A great LinkedIn content strategy will help you connect to the right audience and jobs. Engagement-focused posts can be used to support a whole range of different goals.

#2: Thought Leadership

Thought leadership posts on LinkedIn always draw attention for the audience to react to. People love to read and share creative industry articles on LinkedIn, and it also brings you to position yourself as a subject matter expert. Use LinkedIn articles or documents to share your thought leadership content. 

#3: Freelance Advice, Events, and Opportunities

Sharing content that aligns with the intent is almost guaranteed to perform well on LinkedIn, as the audience loves to see career progression (the platform was built for that precise reason). Career tips, freelancing tips, events that you’re in or hosting, and even re-sharing job opportunities can be huge wins when it comes to fostering an engaging community. 

#4: Your freelance career spotlights

LinkedIn was built for people to admire and give back love – which is why celebrating your freelance career milestones and spotlights is a great way to format content on the app. Sharing your success stories is a great way to bolster your profile, and bring more engagements.

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