How to create a catchy tagline for your brand

In many cases, a tagline is just as important as a brand name. Just Do It and Nike go hand in hand, Finger Lickin’ Good and Because You’re Worth It are other examples of taglines just as famous as the brands themselves. 

Taglines can be ​ funny, informative, serious, empathetic, or engaging or, of course, encompass more than just one of these emotions. Take L’Oréal’s ‘because you’re worth it’, for instance. This phrase could be taken as humorous, empathetic, engaging and socially aware. 

To clarify, taglines and slogans are, while similar, two very different elements of a brand. The biggest difference is that taglines are used more broadly than slogans. Taglines are permanent and represent the brand and your products or services as a whole. A slogan is a more temporary phrase that’s used only for specific advertising campaigns or products.

What’s the point of a tagline?

Your tagline clarifies the mission and personality of your company for customers and is an important part of building a better brand. A good tagline can signify relatability and authenticity which are both two huge factors in modern marketing. 

A main advantage of a strong tagline is that it allows you to stand out from your competitors. It can differentiate your business from other companies in your industry and help customers think of you first every time. As an example, Avis uses the tagline “We try harder.” That automatically tells consumers where they stand among other car rental companies.

A clear tagline can also aid as a strong informative tool. An informational tagline sends a clear message to consumers by explaining who your company is and what it does. A great example of a business using this type of tagline effectively is the bath, body, skin, and hair care company Lush, whose tagline is simply “Fresh Handmade Cosmetics.” 

Now that you’re coming up with your own brand tagline, here are some advice guidelines to get the ball rolling. 

Make it recognizable

One of the most important qualities of a strong brand tagline is that it should be easily recognisable. Ensure your phrase is instantly identifiable as being connected to your brand. Your tagline needs to fully represent your business’s voice, values, and mission statement so customers easily identify it with your brand and company name.


It’s also a good idea to create a tagline that sets you apart from the competition. How is your brand different? What do you do better? Consider Bounty paper towels. Its tagline is “The Quicker Picker Upper,” which tells you everything you need to know about what makes Bounty better than other paper towel brands or cleaning cloths.

Align your logo with your tagline

To better connect your brand with your tagline, incorporate your company slogan into your logo. This is especially important for creative and art-based brands and you will reinforce your brand and what it does in the minds of consumers more effectively.

A classic example is “I Love New York,” the official state slogan for New York. The logo incorporates the tagline in a memorable way by replacing the word “love” with a red heart.‍


The aim of any brand is to bring a welcomed change to people’s lifestyles from the refreshing taste of a Coke to the efficiency of an iPhone to the indulgence of a Dior fragrance. While it’s OK to be funny and even irreverent in your tagline, it’s important to use only words with positive connotations when creating it. If your phrase uses negative words or presents a pessimistic tone, that will turn off consumers.

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