The freelance life can be a lonely one. Working from home, sourcing clients alone, working nights to meet a certain deadline and thus cancelling on drinks with friends… the list goes on. Finding like minded freelancers who can inspire you creatively and attend exhibitions can be the start of a great friendship. The only issue with making friends in adult life – let alone a freelance one – is finding the time. Wishu is here to help. 

Coworking Spaces

Working from home with the company of your dog or worse, your speakers can not only feel lonely but also repetitive. Sourcing out great coworking spaces to attend even just once or twice a week can help to break that lonesome cycle. While they can be a little pricey, signing up to a coworking space will pay off in the long-run for your mental health and productivity. Plus, it’s a great place to meet freelance friends as well as new clients. If you prefer to only do it once in a while, you may even meet other like-minded people there who’d like to work from a cafe or a library with you in the future.

Attend brush up classes or even classes for fun

If you’re a music producer, maybe attend classes to take up a new instrument. If you’re an illustrator or painter, try a still life drawing class. There are so many ways to brush up on your craft and remain inspired by other forms of creativity. Not to mention that these spaces are great places to meet new friends. 

Social Media Groups

From Clubhouse to Facebook to Instagram and Twitter, social media presents an array of connective and communicative opportunities. Even spaces like Wishu or The Dots offer opportunities for freelancers to collaborate on projects which could mark the start of a great friendship. Freelance Jungle and Freelance Masterminds on Facebook are great examples of these kinds of communities.

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