How to collaborate and brainstorm while working remotely

While there is something unbeatable about the tangibility of an in-person group brainstorm complete with snacks and a great soundtrack, remote team brainstorming may have greater creative capabilities than you might initially believe. With remote work on the rise, the nature of group dynamics is changing and so must our collaboration methods.

Structure, clarity, and consistency are keystones for a remote brainstorming and collaboration to work. The group leader should be responsible for a collective 15 minute check-in which acts as a simple way to keep everyone connected and accountable. Promoting open dialogue for team members to share concerns, challenges or successes is a way to give everyone an equal voice from the get-go.

If you find yourself working the majority from home, psychological changes to your environment can encourage focus surrounding collaborative work. Maybe working in a cafe during these collaborative sessions only, or even just changing your soundtrack or desktop wallpaper will make you feel more at work rather than at home.

It’s easy to feel untethered if you rely on creative sparring with your team to produce work. And it is true that some of us are more physically isolated than before. While challenging, this shift also brings with it the chance to hone your self-editing skills, and develop an independence that can supercharge your creative instincts. Walk away from your ideas, and come back to them with fresh eyes. Be critical and objective and when it is time to collaborate with others, you will be more open to new perspectives and approaches.

Furthermore, ideas thrive when teams feel connected and comfortable enough to share what’s on their mind. When it comes time to voice those fleeting thoughts or sparks that have great potential, a welcoming environment is crucial to the creative process. For remote teams, building team camaraderie that creates a sense of community and receptiveness where the best ideas can take flight is all the more vital.

Finally, remote working enables teams to embrace a new way of working that can produce endless creative possibilities. While remote work may present obstacles for the uninitiated, it’s also a chance to see possibilities in new circumstances. With no commute, a safe, familiar space, and stretches of time alone, you could explore limits of your creativity and dig into more complex thinking that you wouldn’t otherwise have had space for in an office.    

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