How to build a strong NFT community

Particularly because it’s such a new form of investment, communities of enthusiasm and support play a significant role in the NFT space. 

Each community has its unique set of qualities, of course (such as exclusivity), but what defines a truly strong one and how to create a successful NFT community yourself?

Set a vision and goals

It’s vital to have a vision and a plan for what you hope to accomplish with your NFT project. This is its foundation, so identify your niche to make a project and its concepts stand out from the crowd. Its size will depend on the scope of the project, but there can be no community unless people believe in your ideas. ‍Successful NFT projects go beyond the art: They are about catering to a specific audience and evoking a specific emotion.

Choose your platform

The majority of the NFT community is active on two platforms — Twitter and Discord — and its critical to understand their differences. Twitter is used for public communication with members of the community as well as outsiders who may be interested in joining. Discord is used to communicate directly with your community — a real-time platform to convey information to its members, as well as a location where the community itself is formed.

We’ve seen a number of Discord communities compromised using social engineering, so it’s critical that you implement security measures for your community and have Discord permissions set up correctly. Don’t grant people admin privileges, and make your members and moderators aware of any frauds. No one can be trusted.

Here are a few additional security tips to consider:

  1. Be cautious while clicking on unexpected links.
  2. Avoid downloading unfamiliar files from someone you don’t directly know or trust. Never run .SCR or .EXE files.
  3. Be cautious in disclosing personal information.
  4. Be on the lookout for impersonation frauds.

Create engaging events

Events play an important role in building a strong NFT community. The idea is for individuals to interact in enjoyable ways with one another, because everyone wants to be a part of something bigger than themselves. Twitter Spaces is a great platform for hosting events such as weekly AMAs, and Discord also features a stage where you can host events.

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