CBD has been growing in popularity majorly since 2019 and the US’ growing legalisation of cannabis in several states. It is now legal to produce CBD in the UK with a medical license.

What is CBD and how is it different from smoking a joint?

The two most prevalent components of cannabis are tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD). THC is responsible for all the “high” whereas CBD deals more with sedation, anti-inflammation and analgesia.

So, how do you brand a CBD product? 

There are some challenges when it comes to branding CBD. The major challenge is the taboo that has surrounded weed for decades. Practically overnight, the CBD industry is asking people to view an “illegal drug” as a ground-breaking and benevolent medicine. That’s tricky – even for the most experienced marketing experts!


Despite these challenges, however, CBD is proving a huge and growing success. For one thing, design work for CBD branding has gone up 1,568% since 2015. Another advantage is its wide range of use from serums to face creams, balms, candles, chocolates and pure form. When it comes to the multiple health benefits that CBD can bring, the science is there, the marketing just needs to spread it into the world.

As with any product branding, things like colour schemes, logos and consistency are worth investing in. Here are some top tips on what to bear in mind when designing your branding strategy for your CBD product

Normalise the product

The best way to normalise through branding is to treat the branding like any other. If you have a CBD candle brand it as if it was a chic candle made from pomegranate or orange. That way, those interested in the CBD properties will buy it for this element but those who aren’t are still likely to purchase.

What is the benefit – medicinal or recreational?

Try to pick one – since the marketing avenues for each are quite different – and focus on the benefits. Alternatively, if your product is more relevant for wellness and recreational uses, you can also target customers the way health-food, aromatherapy or holistic products do.

Combat negative connotations of weed with your brand message

Demonstrate professionalism and legality. Brand narratives, like a relatable story about how you founded your company, are an effective branding strategy for any industry. This warmth and approachability also break down the outdated stereotypes associated with weed.

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