How to amp up your online presence

Social media profiles literally become more saturated by the minute. More and more small businesses launch, more Savage X Fenty ambassadors jump on board the Rihanna train and our feeds are more flooded by the second. It can feel impossible to be heard through the noise.

Yet, despite all the saturation, one of the most effective ways to reach a specific audience online is through paid ads on social media. However, the secret to success when it comes to your brand’s online presence is knowing what is and isn’t working. Lots of campaign marketing management companies try to gauge this but really it’s impossible to always know. 

Using an analytics tool be it Motion, Hootsuite or Chart Metrics in order to gauge what is working right now – not yesterday or last year because social media moves faster than you can say engagement! 

Land-book is a carefully curated hub of some of the best landing pages across the web. Whether you’re trying to structure a pricing page or explore thoughtfully designed portfolios, Land-book can help. So much of web design is about how to communicate a story within these four digital walls. Elements like the right typography or a perfectly placed button can make all the difference.’

Another analytics tool is TinyWow. TinyWow is a library of micro tools that make the tedious trivial. I’ve never bookmarked a website faster. The sheer utility of these tools is outstanding if you consider how frequently you’re asked to do these actions and how cumbersome the traditional solution set was.’

If you have the budget, paid influencer campaigns are also a great way to spread word of your business. If you make music, pay big influencers to use your song on a TikTok, if you make clothing, send pieces to someone you know will attract at least 8,000 likes on an Instagram post. 

Checking out the competition is also a great way to break through the saturated market. Look at what your competitors are doing and discuss whether or not that’s a good strategy for your business, as well. You can also use your competitors to see what they’re missing. Is there a gap they aren’t filling? What information do customers want that your competitors aren’t providing?

It’s also important to know where your audience is. If your audience is on Instagram, but they aren’t on Twitter, you shouldn’t be putting all your efforts into Twitter. On the contrary, you should be focusing your content and promotion strategy on Instagram. 

A combination of these tactics will help attract more followers and more engagement so that your online presence can stand out.

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