The ‘new Twitter’ has been here for 48 hours. Its name? Threads. Its owner? Zuckerberg by way of Meta. But how exactly are we supposed to use it?…

Much like Twitter, Threads is a social media platform where Instagram users with an iPhone or Android device can share and interact with each other’s text posts. Its focus is worded content. 

Available in over 100 countries, Threads comes as Twitter users disappointed by the platform after the Elon Musk’ takeover seek to join alternative socials like Mastodon and Bluesky. In turn, Threads has an opportunity to capitalise on the migration to grow its user base — as long as it could beat its competition. 

First things first, when it comes to how to get the app, the process is like any other. You literally download from the App Store or your Android equivalent. Once downloaded you are presented with the “Log in with Instagram” button at the bottom of your screen (you have to have Instagram to have Threads). Since an Instagram account is required to use Threads, users are presented with the option to follow people they follow on Instagram. 

Now you have an account and the app is open, it’s time to figure out how to navigate that shit. Look at the bottom of your screen and you will see a row of icons that can help you navigate the app. From left to right: 

  • The house icon brings you to your feed.
  • The magnifying glass icon takes you to a search page where you can type in the usernames of people you wish to follow. 
  • The pen-and-paper icon lets you create a new thread. 
  • The heart icon shows your account activity. It displays who followed you, who replied to your thread, who mentioned you in their posts, and which users are verified. 
  • The human figure icon takes you to your Threads profile where you can see your activity. 

Creating a Thread is very similar to posting a Tweet or photo on Instagram. Click the pen-and-paper icon — located smack in the middle of the navigation bar — to make a Thread post. The post is limited to 500 characters, though you can add a photo, video, or GIF to it by pressing the paper clip icon right below the text. 

Remember, social media platforms are social so engaging with others’ content is crucial. If you want to engage with a user, click on their profile and open one of their threads. You will see four icons under the text. From left to right: 

  • Press the heart icon to “like” the thread. 
  • Click the dialog box icon to reply to the thread. 
  • Touch the reverse symbol icon to repost a thread to your feed with the option to add a quote. 
  • Hit the paper plane icon to add the thread to your Instagram story or post it to your Instagram feed. You can also press the “copy link” button to retrieve the URL and click the “share via…” button to send the thread through text, e-mail, AirDrop if you have an iPhone, and other social media platforms on your phone. 

Just like on Instagram, Threads give users the option to choose from a public or private profile. To change your privacy settings, click on the human figure icon to open your profile. After that, click the “Edit profile” button.” From there, go to “Private profile” to choose whether you want your profile to be public or private. 

Happy… threading?

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