How To Achieve The Best Client Onboarding – Practices For Creative Freelancers

Simply stated, onboarding is the process you use to introduce new clients to your company. When done well, client onboarding sets the foundation for a collaborative working relationship and is likely to improve retention. 

Here are a few crucial steps to include in your onboarding to ensure for a smooth project: 

Legalities and documentation

Finalise all the legal stuff so that you’re ready to go and it’s out the way. Contracts are crucial in assuring that you’re prepared for the worst case scenario. Your freelance contract should cover the following; 

  • The scope of work being carried out
  • The services you provide
  • Compensation
  • The mode and timing of payment
  • Invoicing details
  • Ownership and rights agreement (who has ownership over the rushes or files)
  • Termination clauses
  • Contact details

Try using free service agreements/ service contracts from LawDepot

Send a welcome packet

A welcome packet allows the client to get to know you and also allows for you to set certain boundaries in a place like your working hours, for example. Avoid text-heavy documents and opt for a bright, clear and standout deck.

Propose an onboarding questionnaire

This is a great way to prevent yourself from feeling like you’re asking too many questions in the middle of a project. Think about all the information you need and format it into a questionnaire that the client can answer. Questions to ask could encompass project goals, success metrics, target audience and preferred mode of communication. 

You can try using JetForm or Google Forms to shape your onboarding questionnaire.

Start a project plan

Outlining a timeline of what’s to come can help prepare you to keep yourself in check and deliver what needs to be sent on time. Outline the purpose of the project, the main deliverables, resources required to complete the project, people working on the project etc. 

Try out Mural for mind-mapping your projects. 

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