How TikTok’s irreverent humour became Hollywood’s indispensable tool for reaching gen-z

There are countless accounts on TikTok dedicated to “The Mandalorian” star Pedro Pascal, where fans gather to ruminate on his acting skills and, of course, dashing good looks. But who would expect that the account calling him the “daddiest daddy” would be Lionsgate, the distributor behind Pascal’s latest film, “The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent”?

The lean into comedy is working — Lionsgate has racked up 4 million followers and 90 million likes on the platform.

Universal has gone to the length of making unique TikTok handles for each new film and partnering with top influencers on the platform to promote projects, such as teaming creator Daniel Mac up with Helen Mirren for F9.

The studio also resurfaces clips of past titles, such as the opening “We’re Cheerleaders” chant from the very cheugy Bring It On, which brought in 8.9 million views.

“The industry is leaning more heavily into what we’re doing because they know we can bring the audiences at scale,” Nikao Yang, TikTok’s head of media, entertainment and gaming says. “They know that we have this coveted swathe of consumers and audiences that their industry needs, in a very mutually beneficial way, to grow the entertainment community and to grow the industry as a whole.”

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