The creator economy is a thriving industry, and TikTok has been at the forefront of empowering influencers to monetize their content. While TikTok Shop initially had a slow start, some creators have managed to capitalize on this platform to achieve remarkable success. Arlene Resendiz, known as the ‘Kanoodle Queen’ on TikTok, is a prime example of how influencers can leverage their brand to create lucrative opportunities within the creator economy.

From Tutor to TikTok Star:

Resendiz, a former substitute teacher and director at a tutoring center in Southern California, ventured into the world of online math tutoring. Seeking to attract students, she turned to social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok. Surprisingly, TikTok became the catalyst for her success, outshining other platforms in terms of follower growth and engagement. As the pandemic fueled the popularity of math teaching tips on TikTok, Resendiz’s insightful content resonated with millions of viewers.

Monetizing TikTok Shop:

Resendiz primarily generates income through branded partnerships and sponsorships on TikTok. One of her most significant successes has been her collaboration with Educational Insights, the company behind the puzzlemaker Kanoodle. After being approached by the company, Resendiz seized the opportunity to expand into e-commerce by utilizing TikTok Shop. She now earns commissions from Kanoodle game sales made through her TikTok Shop links, as well as through her own merchandise sold on Shopify. Resendiz’s main TikTok account, @silentmath, and her dedicated @kanoodlequeen account, both with substantial followings, serve as valuable platforms for promoting the products she endorses.

The Power of Live Streaming:

To engage with her audience and promote her products effectively, Resendiz frequently employs live streaming on TikTok. By offering live math lessons and demonstrating the use of study guides and tip sheets, she captivates her viewers and creates a dynamic learning experience. Furthermore, TikTok’s Creator Fund provides an additional revenue stream for Resendiz, allowing her to continue creating valuable content for her followers.

Lessons Learned and Future Aspirations:

Resendiz’s success story underscores the potential of social commerce within the creator economy. While many social networks have struggled to integrate shopping features seamlessly, TikTok Shop’s association with engaging and influential creators like Resendiz has shown promising results. The success of such collaborations depends on aligning the creator’s brand with the product being promoted, leading to greater authenticity and resonance with the audience. Looking ahead, Resendiz aims to convert more viewers into customers by expanding her product offerings and enhancing her marketing strategies. By leveraging her expertise in math education, she seeks to empower students worldwide with her study guides, flashcards, and other educational resources.

Arlene Resendiz’s journey from a math tutor to a TikTok sensation and e-commerce entrepreneur exemplifies the power of the creator economy. Through TikTok Shop, she has not only established herself as the ‘Kanoodle Queen’ but also demonstrated the immense potential for creators to monetize their influence by partnering with relevant brands. As TikTok and other social platforms continue to evolve, more creators are poised to find success and redefine the boundaries of the creator economy.

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