A few hyped-up NFT projects receive a lot of media attention, while thousands of good projects go unnoticed by the general public. 

Finding out that a profile picture sold for 100k+ can look unfair and frustrating for many artists.There are a tonne of incredible projects that serve the larger creative community, look out for the environment, and provide opportunities for artists to thrive. Let’s look at ways that NFTs can provide opportunities for artists. 

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NFTs are a medium. They’re just another tool in the huge arsenal that artists have. Whether you’re working with oil paints or an iPad, the creative process remains the same. NFTs are a tool. 

NFTs have certain benefits for artists…here are a few: 

  • You’re probably familiar with Discord and Twitter, as those are two of the most common places to find NFTs. Artists have the potential to cultivate a loyal following of fans who adore their work. 
  • Including your audience in the creation and use of your art. In many cases, artists establish their communities before the first mint. If you want to start creating NFTs, I would also advise you to start constructing your community.
  • The creator of an NFT earns money from royalties, which are a percentage of the NFT’s cost as it is sold and traded. People collect them, trade them, and look for variations with the traits they want. The larger the project’s community, the more trading and selling will occur, which is a perfect segue to the next benefit of creating NFTs for artists.
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