YouTube introduced the ability for creators to upload videos with multiple language dub tracks in February 2023.

Benefits of new dub feature:

  • Creators no longer need separate secondary channels for each language to reach diverse audiences.
  • Centralizing the audience on one main channel becomes possible with the inclusion of dub tracks.

MrBeast’s response:

  • MrBeast praised the new feature and abandoned separate channels in favor of including dub tracks on his main channel videos.

Choosing between separate channels and dub tracks:

  • The decision between separate language channels and dub tracks depends on the creator’s goals and resources.
  • Separate language channels offer additional ad revenue and potential brand deals for localized markets.
  • Multi-language tracks help simplify operations for creators with limited time and resources.

Strategies for creators:

  • Creators can use dub tracks to test the popularity of specific languages before committing to separate localized channels.
  • A mix-and-match approach, using both dub tracks and separate channels, can be beneficial and flexible for creators.

Watch Me channel:

  • Watch Me, a popular channel, effectively reaches international audiences by using a combination of multi-language tracks, language-specific channels, and subtitles.

Localization considerations:

  • Creators interested in localization should evaluate the success and growth of their main channel before considering language localization.
  • Paying attention to YouTube analytics and identifying growing viewer demographics in different countries can help creators decide whether localization is worth investing in.

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